Product Information

Minder GSM – Motorhome Security System – GIVING YOU PEACE OF MIND

Orbit Minder Ltd. Limited has just launched its portable APP controlled intruder detector, MinderGSM. This product has been specifically designed for the motorhome and caravan industry. You don’t have to have it installed you don’t even need your kids to set it up, just take it out of the box, place a SIM card into it, charge it, download the APP from the Apple or Android stores, follow three simple steps on your phone and MinderGSM is ready.

All you have to do now is position MinderGSM in the place you want to protect send it the ‘ARM’ command from your downloaded APP and relax, it’s that easy. You don’t need electrical power points, extension leads, aerials or Wi-Fi at the location you are protecting, Orbit Minder Ltd. has expertly placed all this in a robust housing. MinderGSM is approximately the size of a pack of cards and weighing it at a mere 160 grams, this box packs some punch.

When fully charged its high capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery will protect your selected space for over a year. Should an intruder enter this area MinderGSM will alert you immediately by SMS anywhere in the world. MinderGSM has the added benefit of also being a power failure detector, simply leave it plugged into the mains and it will alert you if there is a power failure.

Ingeniously in this mode MinderGSM will switch to battery power and also alert you when power has been restored. Wherever you are it’s a comfort to know that Minder will alert you if there is something wrong. Sometimes it’s good to think inside the box.


We even have a cool app that will allow you to remotely control Minder from your iPhone, Android or in fact, any phone..
It could monitor your holiday home….
It could monitor your motor home…….
It could monitor your mobile home……
It could monitor your caravan……………
It could monitor your boat………………….
Where are you going to use yours?

How it works

For Smart Phone users

  • Inset SIM card into Minder
  • Store SIM card number into the contacts section in your Mobile phone and give it a nickname
  • Download the MinderGsm APP from the Apple or Android APP store.
  • Enter your minder details into the APP and press save. Your Minder is now paired to your phone.
  • You can now use the APP to ARM and DISARM your Minder.


If you have an older mobile phone (Nokia for example…)

  • Inset SIM card into Minder
  • Store the SIM card phone number into the contacts section in your mobile phone and give it a nickname, Motorhome” for example.
  • TEXT : #PAIR to your Minder. Your Minder is now paired to your phone.
  • TEXT: #ARM to arm Minder
  • TEXT: #Disarm to disarm Minder.

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